The Sacred Mount Soend

Written by MSG Commander

The Sacred Mount Soend

Enemies: Neicure, Harpy, Mountain Wolf

Screen One

The northwest passage leads to treasure: 500G.

The northeast passage leads to screen two.

Screen Two

Treasure: Campset, Revival Potion, Special Potion of Life, Kit (heavy close range)

Screen Three

Treasure: Special Spirit Potion, Lucklau, Purification Potion

Boss battle

Rozeim and Ruland

8,100 HP
Weak: Fire
Steal: Lucklau
Drop: Knight’s Ring

9,000 HP
Weak: Wind
Steal: Extra Special Potion of Life

They’ll use Charge and Shield quite often. I don’t remember who uses what, but if you have Dispel, use it to cancel their buffs. I recommend attacking one at a time, starting with Rozeim. Ruland’s Meteor Strike has the potential to kill a party member in one hit, so you may need be reviving some people in this battle.

After the battle, go north to Screen Four to get Herbs of the Holy Spirit. Now you can go back to Lincashe.

After the scene in Lincashe, go to the Elves’ Hamlet and talk to Orjuri to learn the location of the next spirit crystal. Your next destination is in the Western Lands. To get there, go to Millennia Town and take a ship to Allein Town.