The Sealed Ruins

Written by MSG Commander

The Sealed Ruins

Enemies: Ghoul, Jewel Eater, Siren

Screen One

Treasure: Memory Quartz, Special Spirit Potion

Screen Two

This screen is crazy. There are 24 prison cells here, and all but two of them are locked. To get to the exit, you have to unlock the right prison cells to get to the switchplate to unlock the door.

Starting from the top left corner of the screen, let’s number the top row 1-6, the second row 7-12, the third row 13-18, and the bottom row 19-24. Using this system, when you enter the room, 23 and 24 are open and all the rest of them are locked.

Screen Three

Treasure: Nuggets of Magic Silver, Kit (v. heavy armor), Spilrau, Ring of Sunlight (in a secret passage)

Screen Three has a bunch of spots where there’s a row of switchplates across the floor. Stepping on one of these unlocks a door nearby and releases enemies.

Screen Four

Boss battle

Guardian of the Seal
23,400 HP
Weak: Light, Darkness
Steal: Spirit Potion of the Elves
Drop: Nuggets of Magic Silver

I used all the Breaker skills, then Malice Bane and Dark Bolt. I also used Fortify on Dauturu a couple times, which is a pretty neat skill - it lets Dauturu avoid taking damage for two turns in a row. Used right, this skill could be a lifesaver in multiple Boss battles. Doomslayer and Light/Dark attacks are the best way to kill this guy quickly.

He uses Indiscriminate Firing, which hardly does any damage. Artillery is a single attack for around 200 damage. But he also has Break Burst, which attacks all, and does a ton of damage and lowers Physical Defense.

After the battle, get the Underwater Parts then go back to Garganbu. To get to the Spirit Crystal of Water, fly to the ocean south of Lincashe Village, then press the Confirm button to go underwater. You should be darn close to the cave entrance (but if for any reason you can’t find it, then just hit the Map button when you’re underwater and look for the “NEXT” marker on the World Map).