The Silent Forest

Written by MSG Commander

The Silent Forest

Enemies: Torrent, Forest Alligator, Druid

Screen One

Treasure: Spirit Herb

There are two exits here: one to the south, and one to the north. The south exit leads to screen two, and the north to screen three.

Screen Two

Treasure: Potion of Life, Smoke Screen

Screen Three

Treasure: Spirit Potion, Campset

This screen also has two exits: one to the north, and one to the east. The north exit leads to screen four, and the east exit to screen five.

Screen Four

Treasure: Revival Potion, Special Potion of Life

Screen Five

Treasure: Lucklau

Here you meet Rednight for the first time.

Boss battle

9,900 HP
Weak: Water
Steal: Soma
Drop: nothing

Her Crimson Death! attacks multiple times and can easily kill one or more members. Aside from that she’s actually pretty easy to beat (this time).

Screen Six

On this screen, Dauturu opens a secret path. Go through this exit to reach the Elves’ Hamlet.