The Snow-covered Ruins

Written by MSG Commander

The Snow-covered Ruins

Enemies: Snow Crystal, Fendil, Spartoi

Screen One

Screen One is quite the maze. Check your map often to make sure you’re not missing anything.

Treasure on screen one: Unicorn Amulet, Revival Potion, Mithril Ore, Sorcerer’s Ring, Kit (v. high mobility), Extra Special Potion of Life

Screen Two

No treasure

Screen Three

Treasure: 3,000G, Memory Quartz, Mithril Ore

Screen Four

Boss battle

Protector of the Seal
26,100 HP
Weak: Light, Darkness
Steal: Spirit Potion of the Elves
Drop: Mithril Ore

I used Malice Bane, Chaoticrazy and Holy Reverance. His Fire Breath does about 500 damage each, and Massacre and Burning Blast both do about 1,000 damage each.

After the battle, take the High-altitude Parts to Garganbu. Now you’re ready to go after the Spirit Crystal of Light - but first, check the Weapons Shop again. Mithril Ore will let you make even better gear.

To reach your next destination, fly to the mountains north of Leinoy Town and press the Confirm button, then fly a little bit south until you see a small floating island. (You can also check the Map and look for the “NEXT” marker.)