The Sword of Heaven

Written by MSG Commander

The Sword of Heaven

Enemies: Eshion, Kiaronoa, Harumpt, Gordeamus

Screen One

Treasure: Extra Special Potion of Life, Revival Potion, Soma

There are three exits off this screen. The north exit leads to screen two, which currently has a locked door. The west exit leads to screen three, and the east exit leads to screen six. Go west to screen three and follow that side of the dungeon all the way around to screen five.

Screen Three

Treasure: Megin Gjord, Orichalcum Ore, Secret Potion of the Heavens

There are two exits off this screen: one to the north, and one to the northwest. Take the northwest exit to screen four (west), then come back and take the north exit to screen four (east).

Screen Four (West)

Treasure: Orichalcum Ore, Kit (v. heavy firepower)

Screen Four (East)

Treasure: Orichalcum Ore, Extra Special Potion of Life, Spirit Potion of the Elves

Take the north exit to screen five.

Screen Five

Boss battle

34,200 HP
Weak: Earth, Light
Steal: Soma
Drop: Orichalcum Ore

Since there are so many options now for who you can have in your party, I didn’t write up a specific strategy for the remainder of the battles. Just use the strongest skills you have, and keep everyone’s health up, and you should be alright.

After the battle, go back to screen one and take the east exit to screen six.

Screen Six

Treasure: Spirit Potion of the Elves, 10,000G

There are two exits off this screen: one to the north, and one to the northeast. Take the one to the northeast to screen seven (east), then the one to the north to screen seven (west).

Screen Seven (East)

Treasure: Purification Potion, Secret Potion of the Heavens, Spilrau

Screen Seven (West)

Treasure: Brave Fighter tablet, Extra Special Spirit Potion, Gem of Nothingness

Take the north exit to screen eight, and another Boss battle.

Screen Eight

Boss battle

33,300 HP
Weak: Fire, Wind
Steal: Spirit Potion of the Elves
Drop: Orichalcum Ore

This guy is surprisingly easy, especially if you have Dauturu in your party and use Vilsugia Punish.

After the battle, go to screen two.

Screen Two

Treasure: Extra Special Spirit Potion, Memory Quartz, Campset, Soma

Go through the door to screen nine.

Screen Nine

Boss battle

35,100 HP
Weak: Water, Darkness
Steal: Spirit Potion of the Heavens
Drop: Orichalcum Ore

After this battle, save your game! The final Boss battle is on the next screen.

Screen Ten

Final Boss battle (round one)

35,100 HP
Weak: Light
Steal: Spirit Potion of the Elves

This first battle should go pretty quickly, but don’t go all out because there will be a round two. Watch out for his Disappear! skill - it causes instant death. Let’s end it here! is a multiple attack that does 800-1,000 each.

This battle will almost be over before you know it, but the second round will be much harder, and there’s no break in between.

Final Boss battle (round two)

170,000 HP
Weak: None
Steal: Nothing

With Kreist in your party, use The Protection of Aegislute as soon as you possibly can; otherwise you will most likely lose this battle. I used Kreist, Dauturu, and Laishutia for this one, but you can choose whoever you want (except that you will have to have Kreist in your final party).

Grazard does some weird stuff in this battle, where your entire party will start losing small amounts of HP and MP each turn. (I wasn’t able to find out what the skill he used was called, but I seem to remember it’s pretty nasty.) Also, his Shockwave attack has the potential to kill your entire party, so keep everyone’s health high!

After this battle, the credits run. After the credits save your game, and you can now start a New Game +, or you can do the bonus material.