Symphony of the Origin

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Developer: World Wide Software

Platforms: Google Play, App Store, Amazon, Amazon Underground

# of Playable Party Members: 4 (6 Party members total, plus two unlockable NPCs)

Skill Types: Skills are attached to weapons. Master a weapon to master the skill.

IAP: SOP points can be bought or earned. (Every 5 battles can be converted to 1 SOP)

(SOP can be bought for free in the Amazon Underground version.)

Bonus Material: Bonus Dungeons, Ultimate Boss, Side Quests, Group and Individual Training, Unlockable NPCs

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MSG Commander says:
Battle System:
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My Favorite Kemco Game EVER!!!

Seriously, I don’t know why but I just LOVE this game. The story is good, although somewhat cheesy (and the dialogue often seems dis-connected), but the graphics, music, and menus are awesome, and the boss battles are really cool! It’s another short game (about 8-10 hours), but there’s a lot of bonus material if you’re willing to talk to EVERYONE in the game and do a little searching. There’s no real “surprises” in the story, but there are some points that are pretty emotional.

  • Awesome battle graphics
  • Fun storyline
  • Enemies are visible and can sometimes be avoided
  • Dialogue is sometimes just "strange"
  • No Sequel :(

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