The Path of Chaos

Written by MSG Commander

Recommended Level: 24

The Path of Chaos is located on the northern-most island in the Eastern lands. (North of the Northern Temple.)

To enter the Path of Chaos, step on the sewer grate.

This dungeon also has three screens before the Boss battle, and it's a little more complicated than the Path of Darkness, but still, it should be easy enough to find all the treasure.

Boss battle



Again, I fought this boss at level 64, so I can't offer any kind of strategy.

Just follow the same basic strategy as you did on the boss right before this, and you should be fine.

After the battle, collect the three treasures that Cyclops was protecting.

(Note that the Thief's Bracelet that you're about to obtain from one of these chests, actually increases the monster Drop rate, and does not increase your odds of "stealing" from the enemy.)