The Path of Darkness

Recommended Level: 16

The Path of Darkness is located due west of Slanorona.

It's a relatively short dungeon; there are three screens before the Boss, and each screen is really easy to navigate. (So much so, that I did not see any reason to make a map.)

The main reason for coming here is to get the bonus treasure (which will help you whether you come here at level 16, or level 65.)

Boss battle

Blue Wyvern

Blue Wyvern

  • 700EXP/2500G/5AP
  • drop Life Elixir
  • steal Fossil Plate

At Level 16, this boss is probably a good challenge, but I faced him at Level 63, and I fought the battle on Auto.

All I can suggest is to use the same basic strategy you used in the Boss battle right before this one, and you shouldn't have any problems.

After you beat the Boss, there are three more treasures in this dungeon.


  • Hobgoblin
  • drop Healing Potion
  • steal Crystal of Return
  • Skeleton
  • drop Campset
  • steal Potion of Life / Special Potion of Life
  • Torrent
  • drop Purification Potion
  • steal Herb of Life


  • Life Elixir x3 - first screen
  • Hercules' Elixir x3 - second screen
  • Secret Potion of the Heavens x3 - third screen
  • Water Crystal - third screen
  • Megin Gjord - obtained after the Boss battle
  • War-God Hilt - obtained after the Boss battle
  • Fossil Plate - obtained after the Boss battle