The Sorcerer’s House

The Sorcerer's House is located west of Granzalk Castle Town.

There are two treasures on the grounds outside the house, and five treasures inside the house.

In the main part of the house, talk to the old sorcerer sitting at the table. They will "draw out all the strengths sleeping within you" (aka allow you to use all Finishing Moves, regardless of your current party level).

If you do this right at the start of the game, it means you'll have to access to Ragnazeilast (the strongest four-person finishing move) the moment the fourth character joins your party. (Otherwise, you'd have to wait until you reach level 45.)

This can be really fun, but it can also make earlier battles a bit too easy, so use it at your own discretion.


  • Fire Crystal - outside, northwest corner
  • Spirit Potion of the Elves x3 - outside, northeast corner
  • Holy Stone of Time x3 - inside the main room of the house
  • Gem of Nothingness x3 - in the side room
  • Draupnir - in the side room
  • Fossil Plate - in the side room
  • Fortress Sword Guard - in the side room