The Closed Lands pt 2

Written by MSG Commander


After you've beat Gardino, there's still one more Boss standing between you and Jenowin. (Plus a whole boat load of treasure.)

Again, through this part of the dungeon you'll want to put some effort into random encounters. You don't need to have a really awesome strategy - just make sure to watch everybody's health, and use Rumil's Healing Wind regularly.

Boss Battle

Elrona and Killer Night

Elrona, Killer Night

  • 1500EXP/7000G/5AP
  • drop Harmonia's Robe
  • steal Life Elixir, Fossil Plate

This battle sucks. There's just no better way to describe it.

For this battle, I recommend Ryle, Denoas, Rumil and Runatie, for one simple fact - Fortify.

On your first turn, have Ryle use Charge or Berserk and Denoas and Runatie use Overload, then use one Ragnazeilast.

Now have Ryle use Brave Force a few times, to get the Deadliness Gauge up to two bars. As soon as it's there, use Denoas and Runatie's Fortify - and keep using it as often as possible.

Meanwhile, have Rumil use Healing Wind on every turn, and fill in all the available turns with whatever attack skills you prefer.

Focus on Killer Night first, and when you get down to just Elrona, try to save up for one more Ragnazeilast. (Of course, if Elrona starts Gathering Magic, then you'll want to use Fortify instead to protect against the coming Apocalypse.)

If Elrona's health is low enough, you can probably just use Raging Wrath to finish her off, instead of saving up for Ragnazeilast.


  • T1 - Extra Special Potion of Life
  • T2 - Lucklau
  • T3 - Fossil Plate
  • T4 - Dumbreith
  • T5 - Spiritstone of Life
  • T6 - Extra-special Potion of Life
  • T7 - Hercules’ Elixir
  • T8 - Spilrau
  • T9 - Gem of Nothingness
  • T10 - Golnaserit
  • T11 - Sunlight Ring
  • T12 - Fire Gem x3
  • T13 - Secret Potion of the Heavens
  • T14 - Secret Potion of Battle
  • T15 - Resurrection Potion


  • Fenril
  • drop Spilrau / Lucklau
  • steal Anti-Demon Seal
  • Oroabeth
  • drop Spirit Crystal of Life / Campset
  • steal Resurrection Potion
  • Smaug
  • drop Cureall / Gem of Nothingness
  • steal Extra-special Potion of Life / Spirit Crystal of Life
  • Spartoi
  • drop Smokescreen / Sacred Holy Stone
  • steal Purification Potion / Ring of Strength

Boss videos by LemmyTheLenny