The Closed Lands pt 3

Written by MSG Commander


There are two screens between Elrona and the battle with Jenowin.

The first one is kind of crazy, because it's on two separate levels. You enter this screen on the "lower" level, but as you progress through the map you'll see stairs that lead to the east and west - these stairs take you up to the "top" level.

There's no easy way to indicate the two levels on the treasure map, but on the mini map, the level you're currently on will be a lighter color

This screen also has one of the mysterious crystals for the Crystal Locations side quest (which you could do now, but you probably want to be a bit higher level first.)

The second screen is very simple in comparison; just gather the treasures here, and then step on the final portal to reach the room with Jenowin.

When you get to the screen with the final Boss battle, the game will actually ask you if you want to go on. If you’re ready, say yes; if not, say no and heal everyone and check everyone’s equipment (especially the accessories!)

Note: I don’t recommend fighting Jenowin until you’re level 70 or higher. If you do, you may not be strong enough to win all three rounds.

Final Boss Battle (Round One)

Jenowin (Round One)


  • 1500EXP/5000G/10AP
  • drop Secret Potion of the Heavens
  • steal Secret Potion of Battle

This is it - the moment we’ve all been waiting for.

You’re going to fight Jenowin three times, but even so this battle is a bit easier than your last battle with Elrona.

The first time around, as soon as you’ve stolen the Secret Potion of Battle, use Ragnazeilast, and then use your regular attack skills to finish him off.

You really don't need much of a strategy for the first battle.

Just keep everyone alive, and towards the end of the battle try to get your Deadliness Gauge close to full, and everyone's health as high as you can.

You should use Weapon Breaker and Elemental Breaker, as well as Overload, Critical Up, etc. After you've got all that taken care of, just have Ryle use Assault Rage and Denoas use Sonic Blow or Doomslayer, and use Rumil and Karin mainly as healers.

Other than that, the main thing to watch for is when Jenowin takes a Broad Stance, as that signals that he's about to use Disaster - which will do thousands of damage to each party member.

When he’s almost dead, have everyone guard for a turn or two to give Rumil a chance to use Healing Wind so you’ll be close to full health for battle number two, and have Ryle use Brave Force until the deadliness gauge is full or almost full, then finish him off.

Final Boss Battle (Round Two)

Jenowin (Round Two)

Jenowin Amalgam

  • 1500EXP/5000G/10AP
  • drop Soma
  • steal Secret Potion of the Heavens

For the second battle, use Battle Cry, Overload, Critical Up, Berserk, etc. to raise everyone’s attack power as much as you can.

The second version of Jenowin will use a quite a few "Abnormal States" type of skills (aren't you glad you have the Amulets of Mystery?)

Don't worry about those; instead, focus on having Ryle use Brave Force, and hit Jenowin with Ragnazeilast as soon as you can. Then use your regular attack skills and just watch everyone's health, and build up your Deadliness Gauge for Round Three.

This version can also be poisoned, and that will help to shorten this battle.

He might also use Energy Drain - and if he targets the right party member, it could kill them. So just be prepared with lots of potions.

This time around, he starts Gathering Strength before his big move. When this happens make sure everyone's health is full before Jenowin's next turn. (Not high, not close - FULL!) Otherwise his Hell Revaletor could conceivably wipe out your entire party.

Don't be afraid to use your Spiritstone of Life to keep everyone's health high. Some of his other attacks (most notably "Sleep") do good damage as well, and if your health is low, everyone will die (and you have to start over from the first round.)

I think he gets a bit nastier after his armor's gone, so as you near the end of this battle pay extra attention to everybody's health (even if it means using two potions in a row, and losing a turn to attack, don't worry about it just do it.)

Do NOT use Ragnazeilast or any other Finishing Moves at the end of this battle. Save your Deadliness Gauge for Round Three. Also, do NOT deliver the final blow until Rumil has a chance to use Healing Wind, and refill everybody's health for the start of Round Three. (Trust me on this one; your party members will thank you.)

Final Boss Battle (Round Three)

Jenowin (Final Form)

Jenowin Amalgam

  • 2000EXP/0G/0AP
  • drop None
  • steal None

Follow the same strategy of using Overload, Battle Cry, Poison, Weapon Breaker, etc., at the start of battle, then follow it up by using Brave Force to fill your deadliness gauge and use Ragnazeilast as soon as you can.

Don't bother to steal this time; he doesn't have anything for you.

On your first turn, use Poison, then use Healing Wind (if you need it) - and then get ready for a truly spectacular Boss battle.

You can hit him with Ragnazeilast right away if you want, or you can cycle through one turn so that Ryle can use Charge and Denoas use Overload. But make sure to use it as soon as you can, so you can start using Brave Force to build up the Deadliness Gauge for more Ragnazeilast.

You should also consider having Denoas use Wall on one or more party members in between each Ragnazeilast, just as extra insurance that no matter what happens, at least one party member will stay alive.

Other than that, use all your potions! And make sure Ryle uses Brave Force on every turn. If you can get in two Ragnazeilast, that ought to be enough to do him in.

(You can try using one Raging Wrath near the end, instead of a second Ragnazeilast, if you're pretty sure Jenowin's health is low enough. Depending on your levels, you might get away with it.)

After this battle, there's a short scene, and then the credits will roll.

After the credits, SAVE YOUR GAME and return to the Title Screen. Now you can continue on this code, or you can start a “New Game Plus,” restarting the game from the beginning, but with all your current levels, gear, items, etc. If you want to do all the bonus stuff, continue from this save point.

Note that when you load your save data, it puts you in the Closed Lands just before the final battle with Jenowin. (I’m not sure why it does this, since you just defeated him, but it does.)

Anyway, now you can enter the bonus dungeon (which appears at the entrance to the Closed Lands), finish all Group and Individual Training, explore the Extra Characters scenarios, and break the seal on all the crystals to find out what mystery awaits you back in the Dwarves’ Village…

(Or, you can turn the game off, call it a day, and move on to the next Kemco game. But c’mon, who doesn’t want to do all the bonus stuff in Symphony of the Origin?)


  • T1 - Special Potion of Life
  • T2 - Soma
  • T3 - Fossil Plate
  • T4 - Cureall
  • T5 - Water Gem x3
  • T6 - Spirit Potion of the Elves
  • T7 - Campset
  • T8 - Elixir of Ability
  • T9 - Spilrau
  • T10 - Fighter’s Ring
  • T11- Secret Potion of Battle
  • T12 - Sacred Holy Stone


  • Fenril
  • drop Spilrau / Lucklau
  • steal Anti-Demon Seal
  • Oroabeth
  • drop Spirit Crystal of Life / Campset
  • steal Resurrection Potion
  • Smaug
  • drop Cureall / Gem of Nothingness
  • steal Extra-special Potion of Life / Spirit Crystal of Life
  • Spartoi
  • drop Smokescreen / Sacred Holy Stone
  • steal Purification Potion / Ring of Strength

Boss videos by LemmyTheLenny