The Crystal Forest

Written by MSG Commander


Back at the Dwarves’ Village

Before you can enter the Crystal Forest, you have to go back and talk to Garganbu.

He'll say he knows a way to get Denoas back, but he needs a crystal from the Crystal Forest. The Crystal Forest is deep within Earthbowels Lake (behind the barred door that you passed before), and you need a key to enter. (Fortunately, Garganbu just happens to have the key.)

After handing over the key, he tells you the shops in the Dwarves’ Village have new items now, so check out the weapons and armor and upgrade whatever you need.

When you're ready, enter Earthbowels Lake and make your way to the Crystal Forest. (And laugh at all the enemies in Earthbowels Lake who run away from you now! Mwahaha!)

Inside the Crystal Forest

You don't have Rumil with you for this dungeon, so healing will require you to use a lot of potions. You can do that - or, you can have Karin use Sleep at the start of every encounter, and then just attack one enemy at a time.

Almost every monster in here is susceptible to Sleep, Poison, and Paralysis (aka Ryle's Crescent Edge).

Also worth noting, is that the Crystal Tree can use Healing on itself, so you may want to paralyze this enemy and then have everyone gang up on him.

The Crystal Forest is surprisingly short. After the entrance, there are only two screens with random encounters (and treasure). On the fourth screen, you find the Spirit Gem you're looking for, and then you get to fight a Boss.

Boss Battle



  • 1500EXP/5000G/8AP
  • drop Herculean Grip
  • steal Soma

This battle takes a long time, and you don’t have any Healing skills without Rumil in your party, so you’ll have to use potions to keep everyone’s health up. If you have any Spiritstone of Life, you’ll probably want to use a couple of them in this battle.

Have Karin use Poison right away (then on her second turn, you can steal the Soma, if you want to.)

You can use Runatie's Paladin Force if you want; it'll give all your party members some extra attack and defense.

Then, use Ryle's Berserk, and have Golban use Defense Crush. Now just wail on him until he's dead.

Calvaret uses Power Up; when he does, have Runatie use Dispel right away to nullify it.

He also uses Wall, which makes the next attack do zero damage, so don’t use a Finishing Move right after or you’ll just be wasting your deadliness gauge.

If you can get in a couple Raging Wraths, the battle will be over quickly.

When the battle’s over, use a Crystal of Return to go back to the Dwarves’ Village and give the Spirit Gem to Garganbu. After the scene with Jenowin, Rumil, and Denoas, head to the Eastern Shadowlands. Your ship will be waiting right outside.


  • T1 - Fossil Plate
  • T2 - Secret Potion of Battle
  • T3 - Healing Sword Guard
  • T4 - Lapis Lazuli
  • T5 - Unicorn Amulet
  • T6 - Revival Grip


  • Crystal Tree
  • drop Lucklau
  • steal Herb of Life
  • Isfeari
  • drop Healing Potion
  • steal Water Gem
  • Tantalk
  • drop Campset
  • steal Awareness Potion / Confusion Amulet

Boss video by LemmyTheLenny