The Silent Forest

Written by MSG Commander


This is the first area where you encounter monsters. Whether you’re on Normal or Hard, they're not hard to beat. In fact, you can probably Auto every battle in the forest including the Boss battle, if you want to.

(Although it is kind of fun to use your skills, and watch the monsters die after one hit.)

There's a bit of dialogue between Ryle and Denoas while you're in the Silent Forest. Mostly it's just nonsense, but there is a bit where they talk about King Gnorr and Prince Royneed, and how they came to power.

On the last screen of the Silent Forest, right after you find treasure T4, you have your first Boss battle. It's also not really hard, but it will take kind of a long time, so be prepared to watch everyone's HP, and use some Potions if needed.

Boss Battle

Armor Beetle

Armor Beetle

  • 300EXP/500G/5AP
  • Drop: Crystal of Return
  • Steal: Unavailable on first playthrough

This battle is a great time to use your Finishing Moves.

If you haven't used any yet, your Deadliness Gauge should be completely full at the start of the battle, so you'll be able to get off four moves right away, dealing some pretty significant damage to Armor Beetle.

(It may even be enough to completely remove his armor, depending on your level.)

Start with Denoas' Vilsugia Punish and Ryle's Grand Cross, one after the other, until your Deadliness Gauge is empty. Then use regular skills to finish him off. (Meanwhile, if your Deadliness Gauge does fill enough to use another Finishing Move, then by all means use it!)

Any time your health gets into the yellow range, use a Potion of Life; otherwise just keep wailing on him until he’s dead.

After the battle, go north to reach the Elves’ Village.


  • T1 - Potion of Life
  • T2 - Antidote
  • T3 - Fossil Plate
  • T4 - Herb of Life


  • Slime
  • drop Potion of Life
  • steal Antidote
  • Wolf
  • drop Potion of Life
  • steal Potion of Life

Boss video by LemmyTheLenny