Written by MSG Commander

WeaponSlot OneSlot TwoArmor
Name Skill Added Effect Where to obtain
Iron Fist Repeated Blows Critical +5%
  • Starting gear
  • Granzalk Castle Town
Battle Knuckle Duster
  • Rapid Rush
  • Critical Up
25% Additional Attack Malnaret Inn
Sonic Knuckle Duster
  • Sonic Blow
  • Weapon Breaker
Armor Pierce  Eastern Shadowlands
Battlespirit Fist
  • Aura Impulse
  • Forcefield
Deadliness Gauge rises more quickly Ancient Tower - T7
Fist of Life Wall HP Regenerate 5% Granzalk Castle Town **
Ash Knuckle Duster Doomslayer
  • High Defense Opposition
  • The higher the enemy's defense, the greater the damage inflicted
Closed Lands pt 1 - T12
Name Added Effect Where to obtain
Leather Helmet Critical +3%
  • Starting gear
  • Granzalk Castle Town
Warning Helmet
  • Relaxed Judgment of Near Death
  • Allows the character to be treated as "Near Death" with greater than normal HP.
Elves' Village
Chivalry Helmet
  • Money Steal
  • 30% chance to steal money from the enemy
Earthbowels Lake - T3
Unyielding Helmet Defense Rate 3%
Provocation Helmet
  • Provocation
  • Increases the probability of an enemy attack
Eastern Shadowlands
War-God Helmet Attack Strength +10% Boss Drop - Ancient Tower
Windblast Helmet
  • Instant Action
  • At the start of combat, you can perform an action before the enemy does.
Ancient Tower - T10
Explosion Helmet
  • Explosion
  • 20% chance of inflicting additional damage on all enemies
Granzalk Castle Town **
Name Added Effect Where to obtain
Leather Forearm Guard Evasion Rate +5%
  • Starting gear
  • Granzalk Castle Town
Knight's Forearm Guard
  • Protection
  • (Take damage for an ally whose HP is lower than yours)
Dwarves' Village
Impregnable Forearm Guard Defence Reduced Damage Slanorona
Counterattack Forearm Guard Counter Rate 15% Eastern Shadowlands
Healing Forearm Guard HP Recovers when Walking Rotallinay - T2
Fury Forearm Guard
  • Fury
  • Deadliness Gauge increases greatly when close to death
Granzalk Castle Town **
Tenacity Forearm Guard
  • Tenacity
  • Restores Stamina greatly when close to death
Closed Lands pt 1 - T5
Name Defense Rate Added Effect Where to obtain
Leather Guard 10%  None
  • Starting gear
  • Granzalk Castle Town
Iron Guard 12% None Elves' Village
War Guard 13% Attack Strength 5 Malnaret Inn
Duel Guard 14% None Dwarves' Village
Protector 15% None Slanorona
Mithril Guard 16%
  • Increased Resistance to Sleep
  • Increased Resistance to Confusion
  • Fatigue Evasion
Eastern Shadowlands
Brave Guard 19% Fatigue Evasion Ancient Tower - T9
Kaiser Guard 21% Increased Resistance to Wind (small) Granzalk Castle Town **
Dumbreith 23%
  • Initial Damage Halved
  • For one time only, halves damage sustained
Closed Lands pt 2 - T4

** - Not available until after you've completed the Underground Passage