Written by MSG Commander

WeaponSlot OneSlot TwoArmor
Name Skill Added Effect Where to obtain
Wooden Bow
  • Heal
  • Sniper's Arrow
  • Windcutter
Critical +5%
  • Starting gear
  • Elves' Village
Bow of Life Revive
  • Auto Heal
  • (Occasionally heals an ally when they take damage in battle)
Dwarves' Village
Mana Bow
  • Healing Wind
  • Arrow Rush
Reduced Stamina Usage Eastern Shadowlands
Expert Bow High Heal HP Regenerate 5% Underground Passage - T1
Spirit Bow Cyclone
  • Weakpoint Elemental Special Attack
  • Increased damage against a weakpoint element
Granzalk Castle Town **
Fearless Bow Radiance
  • Fearlessness
  • The greater the HP, the stronger the Attack Strength
Ruins of the Sleeping Wings - T9
Name Added Effect Where to obtain
Wooden Arrow Critical +3%
  • Starting gear
  • Elves' Village
Poison Arrow 20% Additional Poison Malnaret Inn
Sleep Arrow 20% Additional Sleep Slanorona
Rapidfire Arrow 25% Additional Attack Brallinay - T11
Paralysis Arrow 20% Additional Paralysis Zillballinay - T3
Confusion Arrow 20% Additional Confusion Eastern Shadowlands
Arrow of Death
  • Added Sudden Death
  • Certain possibility of killing the enemy with a single blow
Granzalk Castle Town **
Name Added Effect Where to obtain
Hemp Bowstring Attack Strength 5
  • Starting gear
  • Elves' Village
Warning Bowstring
  • Releaxed Judgement of Near Death
  • Allows the character to be treated as "Near Death" with greater than normal HP
Dwarves' Village
Unyielding Bowstring Defense Rate 3% Slanorona
Windblast Bowstring
  • Instant Action
  • At the start of combat, you can perform an action before the enemy does.
Eastern Shadowlands
Healing Bowstring HP Recovers when Walking Boss Drop - Temple Path
Revival Bowstring
  • Revival
  • Revived one time in combat from inability to fight
Northern Temple (donate 20,000G)
Valor Bowstring
  • Fighting Spirit
  • Deadliness Gauge rises by 25 on the first turn of combat
Underground Passage - T2
Counterattack Bowstring Counter Rate 15% Granzalk Castle Town **
Name Defense Rate Added Effect Where to obtain
Clothing 5% None
  • Starting gear
  • Elves' Village
Mage Clothing 7% None Malnaret Inn
Cleric's Clothing 9% None Dwarves' Village
Rune Clothing 10% Increased Resistance to Earth (small) Slanorona
Wizard's Clothing 11% Increased Resistance to Sleep Eastern Shadowlands
Crest Clothing 13%
  • Increased Resistance to Paralysis
  • Increased Resistance to Sleep
Underground Passage - T3
Mana Clothing 14% Increased Resistance to Fire (small) Granzalk Castle Town **
Harmonia's Robe 16% Maximum HP +200 Boss Drop - Closed Lands pt 2

** - Not available until after you've completed the Underground Passage