Dragonlord Castle

Written by MSG Commander

The Dragonlord's Castle is two stories, but there's only one treasure in the whole place - the Warrior's Deed is in the cupboard just north of the Inn Keeper.

On the second floor, there's a fairy who talks about how his sister just ran off in the middle of her studies - but, if you put Tink at the head of your formation, then there's a dialogue between the two of them. There's no reward or anything for doing so; it's just kind of neat.

The important thing to know here is that each time you collect 4 Dragon Pearls, you can bring them to the Dragonlord for a reward. (And, when you've collected all the Dragon Pearls in the game, you can awaken the Dragonlord - but that's a ways off yet...)

Anyway, right now you should have 4 pearls, so turn them in for Golem Armlets. Now you can leave the castle and go on to your next destination, which is Desert Town.


There is only one treasure here - Warrior's Deed. It's in the cupboard north of the Inn Keeper.

Dragon Pearl rewards

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