Forgotten Village

Written by MSG Commander

In the Forgotten Village, there's a free Inn, and a place to save your game.

There's also a set of stairs in the middle of town. If you take those stairs now, they'll teleport you to the basement of the Empire.

However, after you beat the Volcano of Essence, these stairs lead to a bonus dungeon - the Room of Flight.

Make sure you talk to the old man in the north; he'll tell you he gave items to Northwest Town.

Now, warp to Northwest Town (make sure Blont is in the lead position) and talk to the guy running the Weapon Shop near the entrance.

Now leave town and go back, and go to Blont's shop - and now, if you've upgraded your classes, you can buy new weapons!

Anyway, when you're done here, your next destination is the Desert Castle, which is in the middle of the desert region.