Wind Tower

Written by MSG Commander

Each floor of the Wind Tower presents a different puzzle that you need to solve to unlock the next floor.

First Floor

The first floor has 5 treasures, but they all contain Mimics and all 5 Mimics appear at once.

Second Floor

The second floor has 5 treasures as well, but only 2 of them are Mimics. The other 3 actually contain treasure: a Floral Hat, a Warp Card, and a Seed of Spirit

Third Floor

On the third floor, the path is blocked by boulders. Push the center boulder forward two times, then turn right and push that boulder one space over. Now face north, push that boulder forward once, then face west and push that boulder forward. Now the path is clear to the stairs, and the treasure - a Bulb of Spirit.

Fourth Floor

The fourth floor is a simple matching game - open one treasure, then find the one that "matches" the picture. There's no consequence for guessing wrong, so you can try as many times as you need to in order to find all four matches.

Fifth Floor

This floor is a bit more complicated. There are three rows and five columns, and what look like tree stumps blocking your path. In order to clear the way, un-light the lanterns in rows two and three, and columns three and four. Get the Guard Helmet and then go on to the sixth floor.

Sixth Floor

On the sixth floor, you need to answer three questions in succession. If you get one answer wrong, you'll have to reset the floor by going down to 5F and coming back up. There are two treasures here: a Dragon Pearl, and a Protection Bulb.

Seventh Floor

Stand on the skeleton's bones to make the blue blobs move around. Stepping forward will make the blobs stop. You may have to experiment a bit in order to open a path to both treasures, and then another path to the stairs up. Treasure: Bulb of Agility, Armor Emblem.

Eighth Floor

On the eighth floor, there's a boss battle.

Boss Battle

Bird of the Gale

Bird of the Gale isn't really hard; again it just takes awhile to defeat.

It'll probably use a lot of War Cry, which can Shock one character, and it might Blind everybody, so you'll probably want some magic users in this battle (since their spells will work whether they're blind or not).

After the battle, the Bird agrees to join your cause, and now you're able to fly on the World Map! (But there's still no real indication of where to go next... although, there's only a few places you haven't been already.)

To move the story forward, your next destination is the Desert Castle, but first, this is a good time to detour to Arena Town and the Forgotten Village.