Monster Guide

Written by 1oldtymer

# Name Location Drop
1 Slime Uruyama Dungeon / Northwest Town Medical Herb
2 Killer Mantis Uruyama Dungeon / Northwest Town Antidotal Herb
3 Dragon Whelp Northwest Town Fireball
4 Babarue Knight Traveler's Inn Enhancer
5 Babarue Fighter Traveler's Inn Strange Sand
6 Babarue Priest Traveler's Inn Medical Herb
7 Dragonmutt Traveler's Inn Sleep Herb
8 Ram Traveler's Inn / E Tower Strange Sand
9 Ruler E Tower Warp Card
10 Skeleton E Tower Enhancer
11 Villainous Bird E Tower Phoenix Down
12 Mimic E Tower Strange Grass
13 Mad Ruler (Boss) E Tower *
14 Kamaitachi Mountain Road Forget Grass
15 War Dog Mountain Road Strange Sand
16 Twin Tail Mountain Road Strange Sand
17 Devil Dog Small Village Sleep Herb
18 Cursed Flame Small Village / Traveler's Fort Fireball
19 Shadow Small Village / Traveler's Fort Strange Sand
20 Lizard Man Traveler's Fort Warp Card
21 Axe Head West Cave Sleep Herb
22 Rotting Zombie West Cave Antidote
23 Ant Marge West Cave Sleep Herb
24 Ant Soldier West Cave Enhancer
25 Red Demon (Boss) West Cave *
26 Mimic EX Wind Tower MP Herb
27 Imperial Soldier Empire basement use Summoning Jewel Enhancer
28 Kracken (Boss) Port City *
29 Rainbow Jellyfish Ocean Antidote
30 Ammo Fighter Ocean Enhancer
31 Battle Fish Ocean Antidotal Herb
32 Merman Ocean Medical Herb
33 Death Clione Ocean Warp Card
34 Needlerat Ocean Warp Card
35 Snapping Hare Ocean Medical Herb
36 Magic Catfish Ocean Phoenix Down
37 Sword Manta Ocean Antidotal Herb
38 Monster Melon Elven Village / Forest Castle Forget Grass
39 Ferocious Flower Elven Village / Forest Castle Sleep Herb
40 Pumpkin Warrior Elven Village / Forest Castle Strange Grass
41 Dryad (Boss) Elven Village *
42 Dragon Mage (Boss) Forest Castle *
43 Rare Metal Antarctic Plateau Protection Seed
44 Penguin Knight Antarctic Plateau Enhancer
45 Penguin Witch Antarctic Plateau Fireball
46 Penguin Priest Antarctic Plateau Antidotal Herb
47 Penguin Dark Lord Antarctic Plateau Phoenix Egg
48 Animal Antarctic Plateau Phoenix Egg
49 Metal Animal Antarctic Plateau Warp Card
50 King Animal Antarctic Plateau Strange Grass
51 Cockatrice Antarctic Plateau Phoenix Down
52 Evil Scorpion Desert Town Antidote
53 Dark Cloud Desert Town Strange Sand
54 Cursed Gas Desert Castle Antidote
55 Battle Contraption Empire *
56 Aqua Hand Light and Dark Cave Forget Grass
57 Aqua Face Light and Dark Cave Sleep Herb
58 Green Devil Light and Dark Cave Dwarven Card
59 Dark Knight Light and Dark Cave Elixir
60 Cavern Demon (Boss) Light and Dark Cave *
61 Bird of the Gale (Boss) Wind Tower *
62 Mummy Desert Castle Antidote
63 King Tut Snake Desert Castle Elixer Herb
64 Treeborn Frog Desert Castle Phoenix Egg
65 Bugong Desert Castle MP Herb
66 Craft Mage (Boss) Desert Castle *
67 Golem Volcano of Essence Protection Seed
68 Red Cerberus Volcano of Essence Forget Grass
69 Moddey Dhoo Volcano of Essence Strange Grass
70 Dragon Rider Volcano of Essence Enhancer
71 Fire Demon Volcano of Essence Fireball
72 Papurun (Boss) Volcano of Essence None
73 Ultra Papurun (Boss) Volcano of Essence None
74 Babarue Knight EX (Boss) Lost Forest None
75 Babarue Fighter EX (Boss) Lost Forest None
76 Babarue Priest EX (Boss) Lost Forest None
77 Babarue Mage EX (Boss) Lost Forest None
78 Ant Marge EX Room of Flight Forget Grass
79 Ant Soldier EX Room of Flight Enhancer
80 Ant Sniper EX Room of Flight Sleep Herb
81 Ant Knight EX Room of Flight Elixer Herb
82 Ant Samurai EX Room of Flight Strange Sand
83 Shadow EX Dark Dungeon MP Herb
84 Transformed Skeleton Dark Dungeon Cura Grass
85 Dark Priest EX Dark Dungeon MP Herb
86 Demonic Cloud EX Dark Dungeon Sleep Herb
87 Sunset Priest Dark Dungeon Fireball
88 Dark Knight EX Dark Dungeon Seed of Spirit
89 Transformed Dark Spirit (Boss) Dark Dungeon None
90 High Maneuver Model Slime Lost Forest Cura Grass
91 Dragon Whelp EX Lost Forest Elixir
92 Ground Type Clione Lost Forest Cura Grass
93 Ground Type Merman Lost Forest Bizarre Bean
94 Monster Melon EX Lost Forest Cura Grass
95 Magical Circle Guard (Boss) Labyrinth of Fire None
96 Moddey Dhoo EX (Boss) Labyrinth of Fire None
97 Twin Tail EX (Boss) Labyrinth of Fire None
98 Animal Vernier Labyrinth of Fire MP Herb
99 Metal Vernier Labyrinth of Fire MP Herb
100 King Animal EX Labyrinth of Fire Seed of Spirit
101 Penguin Knight EX Arctic Region Elixir
102 Penguin Witch EX Arctic Region Seed of Sorcery
103 Penguin Priest EX Arctic Region Cura Grass
104 Penguin Dark Lord EX Arctic Region Seed of Sorcery
105 Lizard Caller (Boss) Arctic Base Remains None
106 War Dog Caller (Boss) Arctic Base Remains None
107 Monster Melon Caller (Boss) Arctic Base Remains None
108 King Tut Snake Caller (Boss) Arctic Base Remains None
109 Shadow Dark Spirit (Boss) Arctic Base Remains Seed of Life
110 Aqua-Strong Dragon Mage Arctic Region Elixir Herb
111 Aqua-Strong Dragon Rider Arctic Region Seed of Agility
112 Light Mage Tower of Mirrors Bizarre Bean
113 Altaroth Tower of Mirrors Seed of Life
114 Rikuo Squid Tower of Mirrors Seed of Might
115 North Pole Demon Tower of Mirrors Seed of Might
116 Dragonlord Dragonlord Castle None
117 Loser Metal Slime Dungeon of Trials Seed of Agility

* will require repeated battles (see forum for "Special Drops")