Synergic Spells

Written by 3beez

Synergic Spell Description Obtain
1 Trance Drain Launches a physical attack against a single character, stealing away energy. Restores all allies' HP in relation to the damage inflicted. Power:  700 Shiganai Village, NPC "Strange Woman" NE area of town
2 Octoburst Blitz Launches a magic attack with eight magic bullets, against a single character. Magic Power:  112 x 8 Burbia Town, NPC "Old Man" in front of Weapon Shop
3 Refresh Form Completely restores HP, and clears abnormal states, for members of your team. Burbia Town, NPC "Young Woman" in front of the Mayor's house
4 Reverent Dombra-can Launches a magic attack against a single character, with strong desire. If a Can or Peach Demon is defeated with this skill, makes rare items more likely to be dropped. Magic Power:  1000 Shutte Town, NPC "Old Woman" in NE area of town
5 Look-back Incident Launches an attack against a single character, spinning the target around. (Not effective against strong enemies.) Power:  1000 Pacific Town, NPC "Boy" by the Storehouse
6 My Eternal Friends Adds 80 hits to the current hit count. Shutte Town, Sub-quest 07 "Dragon the Turtle"
7 Bamboo Bright Launches a heaven-elemental magic attack against a column, inflicting justice from the skies. Magic Power:  1900 Stumbly Mountain Path, Animal Track entrance, NPC "Man" in south area of first room
8 Infernal Chaos Launches an underworld-element magic attack against a row, dragging the targets to the ground. Magic Power:  1900 Shutte Town, NPC "Guild Soldier" in front of arena
9 Drop the Drop Rare drop items will always be stolen, from a single character. Silence Plains, area blocked by Erica Obstacle, explore the area and you'll encounter an NPC
10 Attabower Launches an attack against all characters. Aims to bend the targets backward, at the expense of power. Power:  400. Additional effect:  Greatly slows action order. Cargo Town, NPC "Trouble Girl" in front of the Item Shop
11 Yes My Lord Launches a physical attack against a column 60 times, with blows faster than the speed of sound. Power:  40 x 60 Burbia Town, Sub-quest 10 "A Single Earring"
12 Ambitious Readiness Launches a high-level magic attack against all characters. It's not a question of being okay with never being able to use magiac again, but even so, there's a lot invested in the attack. Magic Power:  5000 Metal Region, LV 300 area, examine old sign
13 Shaven Soul Attack a single character, as if to slice away the soul. Power:  3600. Additional effect:  Increases Limit Burst gauge slightly. Forgotten Sanctuary Depths, 2nd screen, examine sign
14 Moonlight Gift Effect applied to all teams. When in a Fainting state, once only, treats this with 50% HP. Ancient Treasurehouse, examine the sign in SW area
15 Around Zero For all characters, clears resistance against Poison, Paralysis, Silence, Weakness and Mini-mini. Teatime Flower Garden, 2nd screen, examine the sign
16 Grimoire Impact Using a part of Mark's power, launches a magic attack that transcends human intellect, against all characters. Damage increases depending on Mark's level. Magic power:  6000 Forgotten Sanctuary, Secret Area LV 600 Battle, win twice