Union Magic

Written by 1oldtymer

Skill order does not matter (for example, cloud Sphere and Venom Energy is the same as Venom Energy and Cloud Sphere).

Thanks to 3beez for completing this list.

Skill Skill Result Description
Healing Healing Mega Healing Restores HP slightly for all teams
Healia Healia Mega Healia Restores HP moderately for all teams
Healina Healina Mega Healina Restores HP greatly for all teams
Healido Healido Mega Healido Resotres HP incredibly for all teams
Healiga Healiga Mega Healiga Restores HP unbelievable for all teams
Cure Cure Mega Pure Treats posion, paralysis, weakness or silence for all teams
Ressurectio Ressurectio Anastasis Treat all teams' Fainting with 50% HP. For all teams.
Assault Veil Assault Veil Mega Assault ATK and INT 1 rank up for all teams
Star Glitter Star Glitter Mega Glitter DEF and SPD 1 rank up for all teams
Satan Armor Phantom Decoy Absolute Your team, once only, reflects all attack damage. X-Multiple
Temptation Temptation Siren Voice For all characters, ATK and SPD 2 ranks down
Vampire Bat Vampire Bat Nidhogg Steals the blood of all characters. DEF and INT 2 ranks down
Erase Needle Erase Needle Needle Over Magic attack with sharp needles 10 times against single character
Cloud Sphere Venom Energy Acid Rain Magic attack with poison against a column. Additional: Poison, Weakness inflicted sometimes
Hail Spear Curse Zone Hail World Random magic attack 30 times against all characters
Lightning Bolt Lightning Bolt Rolling God heaven-element magic attack against a row. Additional: Paralysis (high probability)
Axion Forget Arrow Niflhelm underworld-element magic against a row. Additional: Silence sometimes. Also, SPD 2 ranks down
Apopis Toxin Apopis Toxin Basilisk Fang underworld-element magic against a column. Additional: Poison (high probability)
Side Impact Banishment Ascension underworld-element magic against a row.
Meteor Meteor Meteor Storm random heaven-element magic 60 times against all characters
Demons' Cross Solar Ray Lucifer Cross magic against a column 18 times
Infinitia Infinitia Eternal Burst random magic 90 times
Shining Nirvana Purgatorium magic against all characters. Additional: DEF 2 ranks down
Aldebaran Dark Matter Ragnarok magic against all characters. Additional: Fainting sometimes